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Ariel Global and L.I.F.T.  present you a new concept  - "SEED MONEY" !

We invite you to be our partner in agricultural business in Israel. You will have the chance to bless as many institutions as you want continuously.

How does it work? We will build up a 2000 square meters (half an Acre) Hydroponic Greenhouse. This greenhouse will produce lettuce and different types of green leaves according to the needs of the local market. Plants grown in a Hydroponic system yield 40 % faster than with traditional growing. ARIEL GLOBAL  will install the system and take care of planting and harvest. Ten months after your initial investment, you will start to have income.  We project a 30 to 40% profit! We will sell your production. Help us o decide which institutions to donate each month!   

Watch the video!

The funds are used exclusively by Love Israel Faith Transformations (L.I.F.T.) to establish a project promoting and installing a greenhouse with 2000 square meters with hydroponic growing systems in Israel.

All profits generated from the implementation of the SEED MONEY project shall be directed as follows:

25% shall be used by ARIEL GLOBAL to plant, operate, pay expenses, and services (electricity, water, agricultural inputs) , and the remaining balance will be used by L.I.F.T. in full agreement with our partner to donate to institutions in Israel.

The operation will only start when the amount of US$ 280,000 is raised to cover the costs of the greenhouse.

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