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Slowly but steadily, pomegranates are attracting interest, now that consumers Worldwide see the pomegranate as a “super fruit” due to its high nutritional value and health benefits. It has gone from being seen as a fruit that is difficult to eat to a highly sought after super fruit.

The fruit is rich in vitamins (E, C, A) and folic acid while recent research work indicates that the pomegranate is a potential asset in preventing heart attacks and cancer. Pomegranate juice contains an anti-oxidant that is particularly strong and is more effective in preventing heart attacks than red wine, green tea or tomatoes.

The major markets for pomegranate are Europe, the United States and Canada, followed by India, Malaysia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, among others. In these markets, the popularity of this fruit has resurged in the last ten years and demand has increased, due to greater interest among consumers in purchasing healthy, nutritious products.

Just in 2013, an additional 67 thousand tons were shipped to the European market, which is considered to be the best-consolidated pomegranate market.

Ariel Global Links Company, have been establishing the planting of  Pomegranates (minimum of 25 or 50 acres), on Indian farmers region, as turnkey project.


Light of the significant developments in the industry, both fruit is delicious and well-shaped, and for years known to many health qualities. 

The offer:

1. Most advanced Unique Technology with High yield.
2. Compliance with international standards.
3. Smart Management.
4. High profits.
5. Livelihood for generations.

Package Price Included:

1. Cutting Sticks (Plant Materials) from Israel.
2. Nursery Construction
3. Preparation of Land (Not Barren Land)
4. Drip Irrigation System for whole Land.
5. After Six months plant from nursery to the Land Plantation.
6. Fertilizer.
7. Medicine against Diseases.
8. Local Laborious for all three years in the land.

 Not Included:

1. Water Supply.
2. Electric Power.
3. Maintaining a the area

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