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Avocados are known internationally for their high vitamin content and versatility for use in different dishes.


Avocado consumption has seen high growth in different world markets, given the trend to consume products with natural fat, increased knowledge of its properties and the perception that it is a healthy food. The greatest demand in the world market is for the Hass and Fuerte varieties.Ariel Global Links Company, interested in establishing the planting of Avocado and / or Pomegranates, minimum of 25 or 50 acres, on Indian farmers region, as turnkey project, Light of the significant developments in the industry, both fruit is delicious and well-shaped, and for years known to many health qualities. It is rich and folic acid, and studies indicate that the contribution to the prevention of cancer, heart attacks and diabetes, vitamins E, C and A in pomegranate and in avocados are known internationally for their high vitamin content and versatility for use in different dishes. It is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and C.

The offer:

1. Most advanced Unique Technology with High yield.
2. Compliance with international standards.
3. Smart Management.
4. High profits.
5. Livelihood for generations.

Package Price Included:

1. Cutting Sticks (Plant Materials) from Israel.
2. Nursery Construction
3. Preparation of Land (Not Barren Land)
4. Drip Irrigation System for whole Land.
5. After Six months plant from nursery to the Land Plantation.
6. Fertilizer.
7. Medicine against Diseases.
8. Local Laborious for all three years in the land.

Varieties grown in Israel:

1. Ettinger, a large preliminary strain smooth and shiny shell.

2. Puerta, a mid-season variety, rugged, more than Agassi.

3. Haas, species second half of the harvest season, with a nutty flavor. Very rough bark, scaly, and ripe fruit turns black.

4. Pinkerton, a mid-season variety, rough and dark green in color, common in the plantations of the Jordan Valley.

5. Galilee,  ripens end of August. Narrow, elongated shape. In 2009, the Council recommended that the plants do not buy the fruit before the official season because then fails to mature properly.

6. Nabala vein, late-season varieties, and large round ball. Enter Reed lasts all summer on trees and irrigation regime is right to keep it on the tree until September

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